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Self contained wet-niche LED light with Color Touch Technology for fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. Compatible with PAL Commander which Provides 12V A/C supply for up to 8 x PAL-Treo or 8 x PAL-2000 2 Wire Pool Lights

Available Options

Description Code
COLOR PAL-2L2 LAU-2 LED 39-2L254LAU POOL LIGHT 79' 39-2L254LAU Sales Info
COLOR PAL-2L2 LAU-2 LED 39-2L256LAU POOL LIGHT 150' 39-2L256LAU Sales Info
WHITE PAL-2L2W LAU-2W LED 39-2L254LAUW POOL LIGHT 79' 39-2L2W54LAUW Sales Info
WHITE PAL-2L2W LAU-2W LED 39-2L256LAUW POOL LIGHT 150' 39-2L2W56LAUW Sales Info


  • One Touch, precise color advance function
  • RF Control



Coloured Lens Set

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Commander RF Handset
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Vinyl Liner Adaptor Kit

Vinyl Liner Adaptor Kit
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Spare WI-FI Module Kit

Spare WI-FI Module Kit for Color Touch and Commanders
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