Bellson Electric is a family owned business which originated in 1974. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter/importer of a wide range of products. We continue to strive to create products that lead the way in innovation and technology. Our PAL Lighting Range are an enviable collection in Pool Lighting that is forever advancing beyond it’s time, this system is a far superior product than any other product in it’s market, yet competitively priced.


For the past two decades Bellson Electric have prided themselves on always having their product be ahead in the marketplace, we have come a long way since the Original PAL 2000 Light. Our Lights have always been that one step ahead. Our new PAL Lighting Range is the current finished result and is a product of marvel. Besides the fact that all our lights are manufactured in Australia with materials of only the highest quality and grading, we are also proud to say that our PAL Lights are the first to have:

*First Pool Light to receive World Wide Approval through UL Listing, AS/NZS Standards, and IEC/CE Approved,

*First Flexible Lens Design,

*First Prismatic Lens Diffuser Design,

*First Concrete Pool Light to fit 50mm Class 9 Pressure Pipe,

*First Fiberglass Pool Light to fit 60mm Core Hole,

*First Light to have 180 degrees of light with no shadow in your pool,

*First LED Changeable and Retrofittable Lamp Design,

*First Pool Light Design to have Color Touch Technology through RF and WiFi.


When your purchasing an LED Pool Light the main thing you must consider is if you can replace and upgrade the lamp inside, this is easy and achievable with ONLY our LED Pool Lights.

The difference between our product and other companies pool lights on the market is that Bellson Electric use fully listed materials of the highest quality and not cheap foreign materials that are not designed to live in water or in a product which generates heat.

PAL Color Touch Range

Our PAL Color Touch System gives the user the ability to control Pool Lighting, Water Feature, Landscape and Feature Lighting all from the one system which is fully wireless. No more switches back at the house, it’s now achievable with the lightest touch of your fingertip using WiFi and Remote Control.